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What Fabrics Are Good for Skin Wear?

The type of materials used to produce fabrics can be categorized as natural, synthetic, or a blend of the two.

Natural fabrics, which are made from natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, wool, and silk are popular for their unique properties. They been known for its excellent water absorbency compared to synthetic fibers therefore widely used in towels, bed sheets and everyday garments. Natural fabrics are more environmentally friendly than synthetic fabrics since they use a small amount of chemicals in manufacturing. However, some plant-based natural fibers such as cotton can be less eco-friendly as their water consumption are higher. Due to their inherited nature, cotton tend to shrink and lose their shape over time.

Synthetic fabrics use fibers which are generally extracted through chemical processes using a spinneret (a device that use petroleum based polymers to form fibers). Synthetic fabrics are cheaper than natural fibers hence have been used in mass production. These fabrics can be used daily, regular wear as they have excellent stain-resistant properties. The water-resistant quality of synthetic fabrics makes them useful for the outdoors. The main drawback of using synthetic fabrics is that they do not degrade with time. Also, the use of chemicals in production can be very harmful to the environment. Example of synthetic fibers includes Polyester (PET), Polyamide (PA), Polypropylene (PP), Polyurethane (PUR) and others.

Fabrics play an important role in our day to day lives especially the fabrics that we wear close to our skin for long hours, such as bras, panty, brief and singlet. The fabric should keep us warm in winter and cool in summer, and above all should make us look good and feel great.

Skin is the largest organ of our body. Skin wear fabrics cover most of the parts of our skin therefore choosing the best materials for skin wear is vital. For the very reasons, there are numerous new fabrics introduced in the lingerie industry. In Kissy Ruwen, we developed advanced skin wear products we combine both the advantages of natural, synthetic and hybrid fabrics to achieve high-performance and multi functional properties. Some of these advanced and high-performance fibers used to produce KISSY's skin wear include Austrian Lenzing Modal, Cell Solution Clima fibers and multi-functional nylon fiber to name a few. Below we provide an overview of these superior fibers.

Lenzing Modal

Lenzing Modal fabric is a semi-synthetic well known for its extreme comfortability. It has an incredibly soft touch, high breathability, excellent moisture-wicking properties, high flexibility, and hard-wearing properties. Unlike traditional polyester skin wear, Modal fabrics do not trap perspiration and odors. Unlike traditional cotton skin wear, these fabrics do not go out of shape after washing. Modal fabric does not require whitening agents or softeners which makes it a healthier choice for skin wear. Due to the high breathability, modal fabrics allow more air to pass between our skin and the surrounding environment, making us perfectly cool during our day to day activities.

Image Credit: Lenzing Modal

Cell Solution Clima fiber

The physical discomfort of skin wear caused due to temperature changes can be overcome by Cell Solution Clima fiber. Kissy fabric blend with Cell Solution Clima to achieve advanced thermal regulating features. This property was added to the KISSY products by blending It is a regenerated cellulosic fiber that acts as an extraordinary temperature buffer between warm and cool. These phase change materials can adjust the skin’s comfort temperature. When we develop excessive body heat, these fibers absorb them and dispense them again when the temperature drops. Because these fibers are made from cellulose it has excellent moisture-absorbing properties that synthetic fibers do not have.

Photo Credit: Cell Solution

GrandCOT fiber

Promoting health benefits is one of the main advantages of KISSY bras and panties. KISSY use an innovative new fabric called GrandCOT. During the production process, inorganic particles (light reactive material and modified bamboo charcoal powder) are added to the Nylon yarn while keeping its high tenacity, absorption, and brightness. Inorganic powder enhances high performances such as anti-bacterial, anti-odor, far-infrared (FIR) radiation, negative ion emission, UV protection, and moisture-wicking. Unlike traditional skin wear, GrandCOT break down substances that can be harmful to human and environment giving anti-bacterial and anti-odor function. Sweat will be evaporated quicker than the traditional garments. GrandCOT is a multifunctional fabric, not only it provide our comfort as skin wear but also it improves well being thanks to their advanced health properties.

Photo Credit: GrandCOT


As technology improved, more high tech fabrics are made available to suit various applications which improve performances. Skin wear products such as bras have been in used for decades but have been neglected in the improvement of well being due to cultural and secular trend. KISSY design philosophy is grounded in the well being and have successfully developed bras and underwear garments using high tech fabrics, offering the consumers comfort and health benefits.

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