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5 Benefits of Using Modal Luxury Textile As Underwear


Modal, the extremely comfortable, shockingly lightweight fabric, is always the best choice when it comes to undergarments. Modal is one of the luxury textiles and is often used to blend with other fabrics to give a high-end feel with its lightness and softness. It has become very popular among eco-conscious fashion designers. The development of Modal fabrics runs back to Japan in 1950. This top-quality fabric is a semi-synthetic fabric spun out of wood pulp from beech tree chips, which is completely a sustainable source. The natural composition of Modal fabric makes it a breathable fabric, suitable for wearing close to the skin. Moreover, it is well known for its cool, smooth, and silky feel.

Austrian Lenzing’s Modal fibers are the premium ingredient of choice, particularly for use in underwear. Modal has an incredibly soft touch which is an excellent fabric for undergarments, pajamas, and bedsheets. Although Modal fabrics gives a soft and smooth appearance, it does not affect for the durability of the fabric. Also, Lenzing’s Modal fibers can be easily blended with other fiber types, more often cotton, Nylon and Spandex to achieve other unique properties.

5 Benefits of using Lenzing’s Modal

1. High Breathability

Lightweight Lenzing’s Modal fibers allow more air to permeate between your skin and the fabric allowing your body precipitate excess heat during workout. This is one of the significant property offered by Lenzing Modal compared to other fabrics.

2. Excellent Moisture Wicking Properties

Lenzing Modal is also highly reputable for its moisture wicking properties. The microstructure of the Modal fiber is 50% more absorbing than cotton. It has the ability to absorb water or sweat they come in contact with. The fabric allows the trapped water or sweat to evaporate quickly making Lenzing’s Modal fabric a perfect fabric for active people. Unlike garments made from synthetic fibers like polyester, Lenzing’s Modal underwear does not trap perspiration and odors thanks to its high moisture wicking properties.

3. Flexibility

Flexibility or stretchability is one of the most important features for underwear construction. Flexible underwear minimizing the friction between the skin and fabric, eliminating chafing and a range of other potential health issues. The silky texture of the Lenzing’s Modal fabric makes it even more comfortable for close-fitting intimate wear. It is possible to further increase its stretchability blending with a small amount of fiber such as spandex or elastane.

4. Hard-wearing properties

Lenzing’s Modal fabric has extreme hard-wearing properties that other cellulosic fibers do not have. Even after frequent washing, it does not go out of shape which makes this material the best material for underwear construction.

5. Eco-friendly

Lenzing’s Modal use regenerated fiber from beech tree wood pulp, it does not use any synthetic materials. Also, the manufacturing process uses fewer chemicals than with other types of regenerated fibers making it one of the most ecofriendly fabric in the world. The disposal of this fabric also sustainable because it is made from cellulose which is completely biodegradable. In term of sustainability, the yield of fibers from the beech trees produces up to ten times more than cotton and the water usage from a typical cotton field up to 20 times more than beech tree.

Kissy pride themselves as innovative underwear company that uses high performing fabric such as high quality Lenzing Modal, Lycra and GrandCOT multifunctional Nylon fibre.

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