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  • 1. Can I use Kissy’s Bra for swimming and other outdoor activities?
    Yes, Kissy’s bra is suitable for use in underwater or use as swimwear if you wish. Just make sure it is washed thoroughly to remove chlorine residue as soon as after each use.
  • 2. Is Kissy’s Bra suitable for use as sport bra?
    Absolutely. In fact, Kissy’s bra is great to be used as sport bra as it has excellent moisture wicking capability, great breathability and regulate your body temperature to eliminate excess heat created from intense workout. The expanded band with anti-slippery material keep the bra in place when working out.
  • 3. I have mastectomy, can I use Kissy’s bra? "
    Kissy’s bra comes with 2 sizes of pocketed bra pads made out of patented 4D vertical cotton providing very gentle supports even after operation. Kissy’s Vest bra may provide a much needed supports for mastectomy breast.
  • 4. What is Far Infrared (FIR)?
    Far Infrared is an invisible light present in sunlight and can be absorbed by most substance to generate heat. Human body emits FIR keeping our body warm and stimulate blood circulation. FIR is also used as therapy for healing and detoxification.
  • 5. What is Negative Ion?
    Free radicals come from stress, alcohol, pollutants in water we drink and air we breathe. The negative ion can neutralize the free radicals in body cells hence preventing oxidation and increase the immunity system. Negative ion has been scientifically proven to improve health and well-being.
  • 6. How Kissy’s wireless and seamless construction bra provide support to breast?
    Typical underwired bras use bra cup to hold the breasts and the tightening of straps to provide vertical support. The primary component offering the most support is the chest band that wraps around the torso and often causing discomfort and back bulging. Kissy’s bra uses patented bra pads with highly elastic materials that provides the “wrap around” effect that resulting in equilibrium support all around much like the “second skin”.
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