Blended with perfect recipe to cater for maximum health, comfortness and durability.


Excellent moisture absorbent property due to high content of Viscose.


Multi-Functional Nylon offering UV protection, anti-bacterial, Far Infrared, Negative ion emission.   


Use as shape wear to improve thigh and hip, thanks for high tech nylon material. 

Very high stretchability due to generous blend of Lycra and ability to return to shape.   


Durable thanks to the high quality Modal and do not shrink like the common rayon. 


Exquisitely designed lace, do not roll up.  

Safety Short Pants

  • 69.8% Viscose Fibre

    19.1% Multi-Functional Nylon 

    11.1% Spandex /Lycra

  •   S/M L/XL
    Weight (kg) 35 - 60 60 - 80
    Waist (cm) 56 - 72 72 - 89
    Bum (cm) 85 - 95 95 - 105